I've treated this project as an educational one as I had no experience in building any bike at all. So before I decided to convert Suzuki GSF650 I exercised my skills on my old GS400.The first thing after stripping down the bike was to make pipe holding attachment  to my Myford 5 Lathe. I did that by welding few pieces of 20x20 square profile as shown on the picture on the left. Not very pretty, but it did the job as you can see on the picture. I've cut the pipe with HSS bimetal Bosh Holesaw. Next, I made a new pipe holder made from 8mm steel plate and cut with CNC laser. On the one end it can hold flats, on the other one round materials.




The next step it was to fabricate front end from 20x20 square pipe, cut mounts for A-arms and to turn four steel bushes. I've obtained some second hand motorbike springs and TIG welded everything together.



Meanwhile I made a trip to local car scrap yard returning with the whole VW golf back axle. I unscrew the hubs and designed backplate for them. The laser cutting services cut those 8 mm thick steel backplates. M16 end rod bearings were connecting A-arms with the hub backplate. So the back end wheel hubs with disk brakes ended up at the front.