The A-arms are made from 32mm mild steel tube. Shorter arm is a top one, the longer is the bottom one. All pipe ends are notched with my old lathe that I converted into pipe notcher using HSS holesaws.To the bottom end of the arms I welded bush holders that are made from 32mm steel bar with 20mm internal bore to accommodate a bush. M6 threaded hole is made in each part for a grease nipple.


The steel bush is made from 20mm steel bar. There is a 8mm hole drilled for M8 bolt joining A-arm with frame. Groove in a middle is made for a grease to reach all gaps between bush and outer ring.


Each bush is slightly longer than corresponding housing to allow free A-arm swing. Two washers are attached to a bush to separate A-arm bush housings from frame mounts.



Two 3mm thick mounts were cut with my  DIY CNC mill . They are welded to the arm to join A-arm with suspension push rod with M10 end rod bearing at the end.