For some time I was toying with the idea of how to burn in effective and smokeless way  my household plastic waste. When I found some free time I've managed to convert an empty fire extinguisher cylinder into plastic thermal decomposition vessel. The video below shows the burning process using my DIY cylinder. You have to take me for a word- there was no smoke from a chimney and sod residue in heat exchanger or the walls of my stove at all.



Process of thermal decomposition

The first step is to cut plastic waste into reasonable size pieces - not too small, neither big.


Next, the pyrolysis vessel is filled with the plastic. The pyrolysis vessel contains three parts: a vessel, top cover and sieve to prevent any plastic from clogging gas escape hole.



Next the top cover is bolted in and the vessel is placed in the stove and the fire is started to pre-heat the cylinder and to start the pyrolysis process.


 After a while the thermal decomposition process begins. When it begins it is self- sustainable. The air is blown from the top of the stove through secondary burn preheater.


One load of the plastic ( I tried to weight the loaded with plastic cylinder, but it exceeds the limit of kitchen scale) burns around 30-45 min. As it is seen, there is no visible smoke from the chimney very characteristic for a plastic combustion. However, it can be smelled- not greatly thou but still.



 Few pictures of the pyrolysis vessel itself.