Welcome to my another project. Maybe you saw on my another page I'm making a reverse trike. After I finish it (eventually one day) I'll have to take it for VOSA approval test. I had a great thought: instead of hire a trailer, to make my own one. Of course it would be quite expensive to buy the brand new parts, hence the idea to buy an old cheap caravan with usable sub frame. I found one perfectly suiting me. It cost me £60 + another £50 for petrol to tow it home.


All appliances and furniture were taken off by the previous owner. He was converting his van into a motorhome.



I've detached a subframe from caravan shell, dragged it into my overcrowded already garage. It barely fit in as the frame is 5 meters long.





I bought 50x50mm 3mm wall thickness steel box profiles. The caravan frame was zinc plated so the places where I wanted to weld had to be zinc free. My angle grinder with grinding disk did a good job.






Painted with red oxide primer.



I've made a ramp from the same profiles as trailer and welded hinges of 20mm dia steel bar.


I have a nice, big trailer which can carry bikes, quads whatever big I want. It can carry loads 1.54m wide x 3.68m long so it was very handy when I was refurbishing my house to carry few plasterboards (2.4m x 1.2m in size each). It cost friction of a new one and I think already paid itself off. I planned to get rid of the caravan shell, but how could I get rid of such a nice shed/storage room ;p . At least another place to stick in some old bikes and more odd things